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SEDR Active Citizens Experience Sharing Forum 2023: Celebrating Youth Empowerment and Social Impact

The 2023 SEDR Active Citizens Experience Sharing Forum/SEDR Active Citizens Unites was an incredible event held in the last week of July, bringing together an inspiring number of 42 youth from three provinces under one roof.

Representing the Uva, North, and Eastern provinces, the SEDR Active Citizens (SEDR ACs) eagerly participated in interactive sessions, where they shared their experiences of social work within their communities and exchanged ideas to build upon their successes. The event provided a unique platform for the SEDR ACs to further refine their communication and presentation skills while speaking openly about the challenges they faced and their remarkable accomplishments through the social action projects (SAPs) implemented in Phases 1 and 2 of the project.

The SEDR ACs' visions were further enriched through capacity building sessions conducted by SEDR experts. These sessions covered diverse topics, including alternative dispute resolution, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), gender, monitoring and evaluation, and communications. The participants embraced the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills, empowering them to make a greater impact within their communities.

The event encouraged the youth to reflect spiritually on their SEDR AC journey through a mindful walk around the training centre that hosted the forum. Additionally, they spent quality time strengthening their networks during a meticulously organised and thoroughly enjoyable cultural night. The night featured a captivating stage drama and vibrant song and dance performances, fostering an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie.

As the forum discussed lessons learned from the previous phases, exciting news emerged about Phase 3 of the SEDR AC programme. The highly anticipated 'SEDR Active Citizens Alumni Challenge Fund' was introduced as a remarkable opportunity for these youth to further hone their skills in fields they deem crucial for more effective social activism within their communities. This new initiative promises to propel their impact to new heights.

The forum was a testament to the incredible synergy of institutional training and skills development provided by the SEDR project. It showcased the efficient collaboration between all stakeholders involved and celebrated the youthful energy of its mobilisers. The event embodied the spirit of positive change and empowerment, leaving everyone inspired and motivated to make a lasting difference in society.

Explore the cheerful and engaging spirit of the programme and its participants in our gallery here ! Witness the passion, dedication, and camaraderie that filled every moment of the SEDR Active Citizens Experience Sharing Forum 2023.

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