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SEDR is funded by the European Union and implemented by the British Council in partnership with The Asia Foundation.


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Funded by the

European Union

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Implementing Partners

SEDR is a four-year project (2020-2024) implemented by the British Council. The British Council has a long history in Sri Lanka with decades of experience supporting civil society engagement and fostering inclusive citizen engagement. The British Council will lead the implementation of SEDR's result areas 3 and 4.


SEDR works in partnership with The Asia Foundation to build on their many years of technical support to the Ministry of Justice in promoting mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method. The Asia Foundation will lead the implementation of SEDR’s result areas 1 and 2.

SEDR is funded by the European Union and is one element of the European Union’s wider Strengthening Transformation, Reconciliation and Inclusive Democratic Engagement (STRIDE) project in Sri Lanka.

Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Partners

SEDR will be partnering with local CSOs in order to reach local communities and support various efforts and initiatives to strengthen alternative dispute resolution. 

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Institutional Partners

Our work is also conducted in close partnership with several national institutions to enhance our work at the policy level. These institutions, including the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Service, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth, and Ministry of Women’s Affairs, will play a key role in finding synergies to support the development of alternative dispute resolution and mediation services.

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