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Tying Up a Triad of Trainings: The School Mediation Programme Concludes its Training Sessions for 2023

Updated: Jan 4

The Training-of-Trainer sessions under the umbrella of the Mediation Board Commission’s School Mediation Programme -which began in mid-November 2023 - have officially ended! The second session concluded early December, with the conclusion of the third session following suit mid-month.

Each session, spanning a week, involved the active and dedicated participation of Mediation Programme Officers and Development Officers at the premises of the MAS Thulhiriya Training Center. The officers were capacitated by expert consultants from the SEDR Project, to train teachers and students to pave pathways to resolving disputes in schools. These officers will in turn disseminate the skills and lessons acquired through these sessions across schools in three SEDR-targeted provinces (Northern, Eastern and Uva) and the Western province.

Check out the gallery below for some captures of the second and third training sessions!

The next phase of training teachers and students at selected schools under the School Mediation Programme, which is being coordinated by the SEDR Project, will resume this year. Stay tuned for more updates!

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