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Kickstarting Phase 3 of SEDRxActiveCitizens: Training the Trainers

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Under the umbrella of the SEDRxActiveCitizens initiative, a ‘Facilitator Mentor Development Workshop’ (FMDW) was successfully concluded in the end of October this year. Conducted at the MAAS Training Centre in Thulhiriya, this workshop aimed at equipping facilitators and mentors with updated knowledge and skills to implement their provincial community rollouts, and mentor youth to implement social action projects (SAPs) in the relevant locations. The two groups were also imbued with more profound insights into the practical use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) when helping youth to deliver such SAPs.

Conducted over the span of a week, the workshop offered ample space for mentors and facilitators of the SEDRxActiveCitizens programme to observe facilitation and put their training into practice via peer reviews, whilst also enabling them to build connections with peers, work cohesively in teams and collectively come up with solutions to community disputes. Through these activities, the two groups were trained to ultimately plan and finalise the provincial community training agenda for the youth coming into Phase 3 of the SEDRxActiveCitizens programme.

With learnings gathered over two phases of the programme, the mentors and facilitators are ready to equip the youth with the skills and expertise to circumvent the challenges that accompany community dispute resolution in the field.

See below for some captures of the event!


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