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Partnership Alert! SEDR and Search for Common Ground join forces!

SEDR signed a grant agreement with Search for Common Ground (SfCG) Sri Lanka on Wednesday 12 July at the British Council premises, symbolising the beginning of an 18-month project. This venture will primarily focus on addressing the root causes of conflict and preventing the escalation of local disputes by building alternative dispute resolution (ADR) capacity to mediate community level grievances. The event was attended by the Country Director of the British Council, Orlando Edwards and SEDR Team Leader, Jacques Carstens, along with the SfCG Country Director, Nawaz Mohamed and Head of Finance and Admin, Rajini Suthagar.

Operating in Sri Lanka since 2011, SfCG is a leading, global, non-profit peacebuilding organisation which aims to transform the way in which the world deals with conflict, away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative solutions.

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